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April 29, 2020

Production Adjustment Notification - AWNC postpones operations until week of May 11th

AWNC received the notification from Toyota Manufacturing North America (TMNA) of further extension of their production shut down through May 8, resuming production on May 11.   AWNC management is closely communicating with TMNA and carefully assessing the AWNC production plan.      

April 26, 2020

Team Member Travel Credentials

You may be concerned about driving to work in light of Governor Cooper's “Stay at Home” order.  AWNC, as well as TMNA, engages in critical infrastructure services as identified by the Department of Homeland Security’s CISA list.  Our business involves the manufacturing of parts that are needed to maintain critical supply chains of the transportation sector.


AWNC Team Member please see image below for information and download of  your travel credentials.

Click on the image for full download of pdf - TRAVEL CREDENTIALS

April 15, 2020

AWNC Team Members Production Alert Notice

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April 3, 2020



Team Member Questions (04/03/2020)



Why can’t AWNC continue paying us like they did for the last 2 weeks?

AWNC was able to pay qualified Team Members for the last 2 weeks. However, since we have not been able to return to work and run production, AWNC cannot afford to continue paying Team Members.


Will we still get paid for perfect attendance?

Perfect attendance payout will be put on hold until we return.


Am I fired?

No, you have neither been fired nor laid off. All Team Members who have not been asked to work will be furloughed. During this time, you will not be paid by AWNC, but you will continue to be eligible for employment benefits, such as health insurance.


Do we need to contact AWNC if we file for unemployment?

No, you only need to contact AWNC if you chose to use your vacation time. When filing for unemployment you need to contact the unemployment commission.


Do I have to apply for unemployment or use vacation?

No, you can choose to do nothing. However, if you choose to do nothing then you will not receive any pay.


How long are we going to be out of work?

The shutdown is from April 6 through April 19, two weeks.


I will be applying for unemployment. Am I still covered by medical insurance during the additional 2 weeks?

Yes, you will continue to be covered under your current medical insurance plan if you chose to file for unemployment.


Will I lose my tenure if I file for unemployment?

No, since you will be out on leave (not terminated) filing for unemployment will not cause you to lose your tenure with AWNC.


Can we use summer shutdown vacation for this shutdown?

Yes.  However, depending upon your remaining paid vacation days, you may have to take unpaid days off during summer shutdown.



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AWNC Team Member Production Alert Notice

Click on any of the images for full download of pdf